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Please let us know what content marketing challenges your company is facing or opportunities you want to take advantage of. We'll work with you to form a custom strategy that will help your company meet its marketing objectives.

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Content strategists and content creators

We were writers before we were marketers. We’ll combine both skills to develop a custom strategy for your brand and produce engaging content that helps your company achieve its marketing goals.

Content that boosts your brand

Great content is a competitive advantage for SaaS companies. We’ll create informative blog posts that generate organic website traffic, spark social media conversations, and help your company outshine the other players in your industry.

Content marketing for lead generation

E-books, whitepapers, guides—whatever you call them, we’ll create them. We’ll build a comprehensive library of downloadable content that your prospects will happily trade their contact information for.

Content to support your sales cycle

Content is an excellent catalyst for advancing prospects through your sales funnel. We’ll create case studies, datasheets, and other collateral that answer your prospects’ questions and helps your sales team close the deal.

Content tailored to your company

We don’t start typing until we have a complete understanding of your business. We’ll start the engagement by meeting with your team to learn about your industry, value proposition, marketing personas, and brand guidelines—then we create a strategy that fits the bill.

Our Process

Content marketing success is all about planning and execution. After you enter into an engagement with Boomjolt, we’ll go through the following steps to create an effective strategy that prepares us to produce impactful content for your company.

Step 1

We interview you and your team

We start with an in-depth interview that helps us learn as much as possible about your company. We’ll ask about your product, customers, competitors, value proposition, brand voice, and more so we collect all the information needed to form a content strategy that hits the mark.

Step 2

We do our research

We get the lay of the land by reviewing your competitors’ websites to discover what they’re writing about and how we can do it better. We help your company win on the content front and gain a competitive advantage over your industry peers.

Step 3

We create a content calendar

Once our research is complete, we put together a comprehensive calendar outlining every piece of content we’ll create for your company. We then get your team’s thoughts and adjust the calendar as needed.

Step 4

We share a draft and collect your feedback

Now it’s time to get work writing great marketing and sales content. We’ll go through separate drafts on our end until we have a finished product we’re excited to share with you. Then we’ll work in your feedback to ensure the content we produce meets your standards.


We optimize and iterate

As we get used to working with you, we’ll get into a groove and efficiently turn out new content. We strive to eventually become an extension of your marketing team that can work with little direction.


We’re a can-do team

Our process, and the strategy that comes out of it, is never set in stone. We’re always happy to take on any content-related project you send our way.

Request a proposal

About Boomjolt

Steve Jobs once said, “Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well.” A lot of marketing agencies will sell any service to any company. That’s not us. We do content marketing for B2B SaaS companies—and we do it well.

Content is what we’re good at. We’re a team of writers whose life journeys took us to the world of SaaS marketing. We each learned through hands-on experience that creating great marketing content takes dedication. It requires research, thought, and refinement. You have to know what your message is and what it will take to resonate with the right audience.

Now we’re using our writing skills and marketing knowledge to help early-stage SaaS companies grow. We’re in a unique position to not only create effective content marketing strategies for our clients. We also have the writing skills to make the strategy come to life and positively impact your marketing goals.

The Boomjolt Content Marketing Philosophy

Content marketing is a secondary concern for too many SaaS companies. But it shouldn’t be that way. With resources and effort, marketers can tap into a whole new lead generation channel using content.

We started Boomjolt because we want to help SaaS companies do better content marketing. Best practices aside, here is our underlying content marketing philosophy.

  • Write content with a purpose
    Every piece of content we write is part of a larger strategy that helps you accomplish your marketing goals.
  • Say something thoughtful
    The content we create is informative and interesting to read, regardless of its intended marketing objective.
  • Respect the audience
    We produce content that educates your personas and doesn’t tell them basic facts they already know.
  • Be clever, don’t be cute
    While content should be engaging, we write in a tone and style geared toward professionals.
  • Balance quantity and quality
    We churn out content fast while holding the work we produce to the highest of standards.